• Nuggets with sauce and green vegetables
  • Mixed vegetables and sauce
  • Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce
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Our History

In 1991, Kozo Hasegawa, CEO of Global Dining Inc., ventured to the United States to establish his first international restaurant, in what would then become, La Bohème in West Hollywood. Inspired by a lifetime of adventures abroad, he set forth to recreate a unique dining experience with La Bohème; now considered one of the most romantic scenes in L.A. The garden patio boasts a fireplace framed by beautiful roses and scented jasmine. Majestic French chandeliers hover from tall ceilings with their low tungsten light, covering a dining room that is both spacious and intimate. A warm welcome, impeccable service, and memorable cuisine make La Bohème the culmination of one man’s American dream.