• Nuggets with sauce and green vegetables
  • Mixed vegetables and sauce
  • Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce
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About Chef David Gualberto

Born in Rome, Chef David’s strong connection with the cuisine of his country started with his family from birth. After owning his own restaurant for 6 years, he traveled across Europe to expand his experience. Working in multiple Michelin Star restaurants along the way, his unique experience has made him an expert with a speciality in the traditional Roman Italian fare that made him who he is today.

About La Boheme

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, La Boheme is arguably one of the most romantic spots in L.A. Indoors, you are surrounded by stunning views of crystal chandeliers and a glowing fireplace, then travel outdoors for an enchanting atmosphere with colorful, velvet couches, antique oil paintings and magical string lights...a definite al fresco paradise. Expect a warm welcome, impeccable service, unparalleled cuisine, and chic crowd at this prime destination. Prepare to stimulate all of your senses at La Boheme.